Railway Car Builders of North America

An ever-growing list of all independent builders.


Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference
Napanee Industries, Ltd. ON 1965-1967  
Nashville Mfg. Co. Nashville, TN 1851-1859 Produced marine engines, boilers, and other machinery in addition to freight cars. Also produced perhaps a dozen locos.
To M. Jacker Company
National Anti-Friction Car Box Co. IL c1881 A paper corporation organized in New York by James Henry Langley as a tool to swindle investors. Never built anything. "Car box" is an archaic name for the journal box, a cast iron box or case that houses the axle bearings of a railway car. (Related Langley corporations were the Chaplin Anti-Friction Car Box Co. (IL), Anti-Friction Journal Bearing Company (NY), and United States Construction & Investment Company.)
National Car Co. St. Albans, VT 1870s-1914 Never operated a car shop of its own.
National Car Repair Shops, Inc.   ????-1954?  
National Despatch Line   1869-1914 Private car line established by Grand Trunk, Vermont Central, Rutland and Boston & Lowell railroads. Corporation dissolved 1914 but one branch continued on as Chicago, New York & Boston Refrigerator Company. [W/F-131] Bought numerous refrigerator cars from Tiffany Refrigerator Car Co.; doubtful but not certain it built any cars.
National Dump Car Co. Maine c1907-c1912  
National Iron Works

National Locomotive Works (?)

Connellsville, PA 1871-1878 (More generally known as "Dawson & Baily." )
Early partners in this business were William H. Baily, George F. Dawson, and John Y. Smith (the latter a former associate of H.K. Porter), Smith withdrew 1872. Produced some 260 locomotives, primarily industrial and narrow gauge. Produced no known cars..
National Iron Works San Francisco   Marschutz & Cantrell
National Locomotive Works     Dawson & Baily
National Railway Equipment   1911 Now the name of a diesel locomotive rebuilder. Unknown whether this is a predecessor company.
National Railway Utilization Company Pickens, SC 1976-?? A railroad car leasing and managing corporation born out of the ICC decision to allow Incentive Per Diem rates to go into
effect. This spurred investment in car fleets by many seeking tax shelters and that required firms such as NRUC to manage them. NRUC went through Chapter 11 reorganization in 1986 after ICC repealed these rules. As of August 23, 1991, name was changed to Emergent Group, Inc. As of 2003, name was HomeGold Financial, Inc., and it has no rail-related operations.
National Safety Car & Equipment Co. St. Louis, MO c1920/22 PE known to have ordered 200 gondola dump cars in 1922.
National Steel Car Co. Ltd.
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Hamilton, ON 1912-1919 From Imperial Car Company
To National Steel Car Corp., Ltd.
National Steel Car Corp. Ltd.
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Hamilton, ON
Had offices in NYC ca. 1930
1919-2004+ From National Steel Car Company
Listed under "Car Builders" in White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory NYC section.
(Acquired by Dominion Foundries & Steel, Ltd. in 1962 but continued under NSCC name.)
National Tank Co. Tulsa, OK 1966-?? Originally a Delaware Corp.
National Tube Works Boston, MA
McKeesport, PA
c1875-1879+ Built B.J. La Mothe's iron gas-pipe cars.
Nettleton & Bartlett Springfield, MA c1849/50 Advertised they had a Railroad Car Manufactory capable of building “Passenger, Post Office, Baggage, Freight and Hand Cars” and particularly their new dumping cars; also testimonial from Western Railroad for cars built for them. {4}
Newburyport Car Mfg. Co. Newburyport, MA 1887-1905 From Evans & Patriquin
New Castle Car Mfg. Co. New Castle, PA 1890s  
New Castle Mfg. Co. New Castle, DE 1833-1858 Built some 75 locomotives, no known cars.
(See R&LHS Bulletin 18, June 1928.)
New City Car Co. Chicago. IL 1923-1925  
New England Car Co. Boston, MA c1850-c1875? Marketed Screw Lever Dump Cars built according to patents of Matthew Van Wormer. Wason built their first cars, and may have built all of them.
To United States Car Company.
New England Car Co., Inc. Vermont   Organized by men associated with the Burlington & Rutland, the Rutland & Washington, and other railroads serving the southwest corner of Vermont. Envisioned as a fast freight line. Unknown how successful it was. Charter provided for car building, but doubtful it ever did build cars.
New England Car Co.   c1918-c1968  
New England Steam Car Co. Boston, MA? c1866/76 Built steam-powered self-propelled cars according to patents held by Joseph P. Woodbury of Boston.
New Haven Car Co.
Newhall, George T.
(George T. Newhall)
New Haven, CT c1866-c1879 Newhall was a carriage builder who decided to use steam power to drive his machinery, with stunning results. He also decided to
New Jersey Loco. & Machine Works Paterson, NJ 1851-1867 Reorganization of Swinburne, Smith & Company
Principle partners were James Jackson and Samuel Smith. Known as a locomotive builder; doubtful it ever built cars.
To Grant Locomotive Works
New Orleans City RR Co. New Orleans, LA 1870-1890  
New Orleans Public Svc., Inc. New Orleans, LA    
Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. Newport News, VA 1922-1925 C&O known to have ordered 1,500 hopper cars in 1922.
N.Y. Central Sleeping Car Co. New York, NY 1858-1869 (Unknown whether it actually built any cars or simply had them built for them.)
To Wagner Palace Car Company
New York Equipment Co.     Dealers, not builders.
New York Iron Car Company   c1872-1882 (LaMothe's iron gas-pipe cars.)
To United States Tube Rolling Stock Company
New York Locomotive Works Rome, NY 1881-1893 Locomotive builder. Reorganized as Rome Locomotive & Machine Works, specializing in repair and rebuilding.
New York Locomotive Works Jersey City, NJ c1855 Built La Mothe’s first iron passenger car.
Niagara Car Wheel Company Depew, NY -1899 One of the original companies consolidated into American Car & Foundry.
Niles Boiler Works   1902  
Niles Car & Manufacturing Co. Niles, OH 1901-1917  
Niles & Company Cincinnati, OH 1842(1851)-(1857)1858 Producer of sugar mills and related machinery, begun by J.S. and J.M. Niles, built about 100 locomotives, no known cars.
(See J.H. White, Cincinnati Locomotive Builders, 1965.)
Noble Brothers Rome, GA 1870s  
Noble Bros. & Co. Rome, GA 1880s  
James Noble & Son Rome, GA 1855-1864 Est. by James and Samuel Noble, foundrymen from Reading, PA. Built a few locos between 1855 and 1860. Predecessor to Noble Brothers (?) No known cars.
Norris Locomotive Works Philadelphia, PA 1831-(1865)1873 Founded by William Norris and Stephen H. Long as the American Steam Carriage Company. After several years, Long was replaced by Joseph Harrison. After business failure in 1841, Richard Norris and his son Henry L. Norris took over. Firm went into decline ca. 1865 due to disinterest on the part of Richard, who had grown quite wealthy.
Doubtful they ever built cars of any sort.
(See R&LHS Bulletin 79, March 1950; Railroadians of America Book 2, 1940; Railroad History 150, Spring 1984; White, History of the American Locomotive.)
North American Car Company Chicago, IL
Coffeyville, KS
1919-1975 NATX
North American Car Co. Chicago Ridge, IL and Texarkana, TX 1955-1978+ ca. 1926 was primarily a rebuilder
North American Car Corp. Offices: Chicago, IL c1939  
North Carolina Car Co. Raleigh, NC 1882-1887+ PDRO87
Northern Car Co. Chicago/Minneapolis
Robbinsdale, MN?
1889-1895 From Robinson & Moan
North Pacific Iron Works Seattle, WA 1881-?? Built at least one industrial locomotive, no known cars.
Northumberland Car & Mfg. Co. Northumberland, PA 1870s  
North-Western Manufacturing Car Co. Stillwater, MN 1880s North-Western Manufacturing Car Co. is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Norwich Car Co. Norwich, CT 1847-1853  
Nova Scotia Car Company Halifax, NS 1910-1911 To Nova Scotia Car Works, Ltd.
Nova Scotia Car Works, Ltd. Halifax, NS 1911-1914 Combination of Nova Scotia Car Company and Silliker Car Company.
Nova Scotia Car Works     Nova Scotia Car Company
Nova Scotia Railway   c1860  
Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference

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