Railway Car Builders of North America

An ever-growing list of all independent builders.


Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference
Mack Brothers Motor Co. Allentown, PA
Brooklyn, NY
1905-1922 To Mack Trucks, Inc.
Mack Trucks, Inc. Allentown, PA
Plainfield, NJ
1922-1956 From Mack Brothers Motor Company
Madison Car Co. Madison, IL 1891-1899 Absorbed by Missouri Car & Foundry
Madison Car Works Madison, IL 1850s AKA South Western Car Works
Magor Car Co. Clifton, NJ 1910-1917 From Wonham-Magor Engineering Works
To Magor Car Corporation
Magor Car Corp. Clifton, NJ
Had offices in NYC ca. 1930
1917-1973 From Magor Car Company
Listed under "Car Builders" in White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory NYC section.
To Fruehauf Corp. 1964
Mahoney Brothers San Francisco, CA 1885-1917 Though credited with building San Francisco cable cars, may actually have had them built by Burham-Standeford & Co (AKA Oakland Planing Mill).
Were gen. contractors for Powell-Mason and Powell-Jackson lines. Removed former cable tracks of Geary Street, Park & Ocean RR in 1912. Built Municiple Rwys first electric lines same yr.
Males Co. Cincinnati, OH
New York, NY
c1890s-1900s A dealer in used cars - not a builder.
Manchester Locomotive Works Manchester, NH 1854-1858;
Locomotive builder bought by American Locomotive Company 1901 but it made no investment in plant and closed 1913. No known cars.
(See R&LHS Bulletin 26, October 1931.)
Manila Elec. Rwy. & Lighting Co. Manila, PI    
Mann Boudoir Car Co.      
Manning, Maxwell & Moore New York, NY b1879-1911+ Railroad supply house for which Diamond Jim Brady worked.
Not a car builder.
Mann-McCann Co.   1911  
Mansfield Machine Works Mansfield, OH c1870-  
Marathon Tank Co. Houston, TX 1960s See Richmond Tank Car
Marine Industries Montreal, QC 1937/50-1960+  
Marine Industries Sorel, QC 1952-1985  
Market St. Railway San Francisco, CA    
Marshall Car & Foundry Co. Marshall, TX 1880- From Marshall Manufacturing Company
Marshall Car Wheel & Foundry   1902-1907  
Marshall Manufacturing Co. Marshall, TX 1875-1884 To Marshall Car & Foundry Company
Marshall Railway Equipment Corp. Ashley, PA 1949-1960+  
Marsh Refrigerator Milwaukee, WI c1918 From Milwaukee Refrig. Transit & Car Company
Marshutz & Cantrell San Francisco, CA 1890s? May have succeeded Fulton Iron Works. Built "gypsy" logging engines similar to those patented 1883 by John Dolbeer. Did business at one time as National Iron Works. Built no known cars.
Maryland Steel Co.   1908  
Mason Machine Works Taunton, MA 1842(1853)-1889 Maker of textile machinery set out to "improve the symmetry" of the American locomotive. Built no cars.
(See J. Leander Bishop, A History of American Manufacturers From 1608 to 1860 (Philadelphia, PA: Edward Young, 1868; Reprint, New York, NY: Augustus M. Kelley, 1966), v. 3, p. 321ff; and Arthur D. Wallace, Mason Steam Locomotives, (Forest Park, IL: Heimberger House, 2004.))
Massachusetts Car Co. S. Ashburnham, MA c1893/95 Built trolley cars
Matfield Mfg. Co. E. Bridgewater, MA 1850-1855/56 Built only a handful of locomotives; no cars.
Mather Car Co. Chicago Ridge, IL 1911-1913  
Mather Stock Car Co. Offices: Chicago, IL 1880-1945+?
Merged into North American Car Corporation
Mathews-Davis Railway Motor Co. Arizona Territory c1900 We have seen a stock certificate for this company, which appears to have been a streetcar builder, but it was unissued. Did it actually exist? Was it a scam like so many turn-of-the-century Arizona gold mines?
Matteawan Machine & Mfg. Co. Matteawan, NY 1814(1848)-(1850)1850+ Machine shop attached to cotton mill produced very few locomotives, no cars.
Mayger & Washington Baltimore, MD 1830s Advertised to build locomotives as well as cars, but not known to have built the former.
Maxson Corp. St. Paul, MN 1966-1979  
McClay Vestibule Car Co. Chicago, IL c1890 Incorporated in Illinois by Fred J. Hoyt, John M. Clay and Leslie Malone to manufacture, purchase, sell and lease vestibule and other cars. As far as we know, never got beyond the paper stage.
McClurg, Wade & Co. Pittsburgh, PA 1803(1834)-(1836)1960s Old, established foundry built a few locomotives 1834-1836, then went back to general foundry business.
McGuire Manufacturing Co. Chicago, IL 1870-1904 To McGuire-Cummings Manufacturing Company
McGuire-Cummings Mfg. Co. Chicago/Paris, IL 1904-1925 From McGuire Manufacturing Company and Cummings Car Company
To Cummings Car & Coach
McKay & Aldus Iron Works E. Boston, MA 1845(1864)-1868/69 Old, established shipyard built about 100 locomotives before getting into financial trouble; built no known cars.
McKee, Fuller & Co. Catasauqua
Fullerton (Whitehall), PA
1868(1879)-1892+ AKA Lehigh Car Wheel & Axle Works
Bought the idle Frederick & Company works.
McKee & Fuller Car Works     McKee, Fuller & Company
McKeen Motor Car Co. Omaha, NE 1908-1920 From Union Pacific Railroad
McKeesport Car & Locomotive Works McKeesport, PA b1880? This most likely means the Pittsburgh & McKeesport Car & Locomotive Works, which went out of business in 1878.
McLean & Fleck Montreal, QC 1853-1855 From McLean & Wright
McLean & Wright Montreal, QC 1846-1853 To McLean & Fleck
McLean, Brainard & Co. Ogdensburg, NY c1853  
McLean, D., & Co.
(D. McLean & Co.)
San Francisco, CA 1867  
McLean, Wright & Co. Toronto, ON 1852-1855 To Wright & Sutherland
McLeish & Smith Charleston, SC 1837 Built or rebuilt a few locomotives for SCRR; no known cars.
McMyler Interstate Co. Bedford, OH 1920s  
McNary, Claflin & Co. Cleveland, OH 1864-1878 To Cleveland Bridge & Car Works
McNairy & Claflin Bridge & Car Works Cleveland, OH before 188612/31/1  
McQueen Locomotive Works Schenectady, NY 1884 Plant built but never opened for business. Sold to General Electric 1886. "McQueen" locomotives were actually built by by the Schenectady Locomotive Works. No known cars.
Mechtron Industries Wilmington, DE 1978-1980 Built for North American Car Company
Meister Iron Works Sacramento, CA c1890s-1921  
Meister, A., & Sons
(A. Meister & Sons)
Sacramento, CA c1890s-1920s  
Mellert Foundry & Machine Co. Reading, PA 1860s [This is probably a later name for Mellerts & Kinsey.]
Mellerts & Kinsey Reading, PA 1848(1863-1865)1875+ Begun 1848 by John Mellert as stove foundry. Machine shop added and became Addison & Mellert, then millwork. Became Mellert & Kinsey 1863. Shortly after increased facilities to build passenger, freight and coal cars. machinery for rolling mills and other heavy works. Became Mellerts [plural] & Kinsey 1864, car works abandoned, premises converted to boiler works, two years later to pipe foundry. {3} Built few cars if any at all.
Memphis Car Co. Memphis, TN 1906-1910 Incorporated in South Dakota. Allegedly involved in fraudulent transactions relative to car repairs for the IC RR.
To Illinois Central Railroad.
Memphis Car & Foundry Memphis, TN b1894-1904 To Southern Car & Foundry Company.
Menomonee Locomotive Works Menomonee (Milwaukee), WI 1853-1857 Machine shop begun 1853 became locomotive builder; built no known cars.
Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. Despatch, NY
(now East Rochester)
1897-1939 Succeeded as a car builder by Despatch Shops, Inc.
Merilees, Andrew, Ltd.
(Andrew Merilees Ltd.)
Toronto, ON 1946-1949  
Messrs. Brainerd, Williams & Co.     Brainerd, Williams & Company
Messrs. Brainerd, Williams Fisher & Co.     Brainerd, Williams, Fisher & Company
Messrs. Carmichael & Brown     Carmichael & Brown
Messrs. McLean & Fleck     McLean & Fleck
Meyers, Jeremiah
(Jeremiah Meyers)
Attleboro, VT c1838/39  
Michigan Car Co. Detroit, MI 1863-1892/1970 To Michigan-Peninsular Car Company
Michigan Car Works     Michigan-Peninsular Car Company
Michigan Iron Works Cadillac, MI 1882-1883 Built about six geared logging locos; no known cars.
Michigan-Peninsular Car Co. Detroit, MI 1892-1899 Merger of Michigan Car Company and Peninsular Car Company.
One of the original companies consolidated into American Car & Foundry.
Middletown Car Co.
Middletown Car Works
Middletown Car Works, Inc.
Middletown Car & Mfg. Co.
Middletown, PA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Had offices in NYC ca. 1930
Middletown Car Works, Schall & King, Proprietors, is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Standard Steel Car Company 1910 but continued operation under its own name.
Listed under "Car Builders" in White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory NYC section.
Name changed 1931 to Pullman Standard Car Export Corporation.
Midland Manufacturing Co. Port Hope, ON 1870-1880  
Midvale Steel & Ordinance Co. Johnstown, PA 1922-???? From Cambria Steel Company
To Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Midwest Freight Car Co. Clinton, IL 1973-1983 To Thrall Car Manufacturing Company
Milholland, J. & J.B.
J. & J.B. Milholland)
Pittsburgh, PA b1870(1888)-1890s General machinery business built a few locomotives, no known cars.
Mill Dam Foundry Boston, MA 1822(1834)-1835 Began as Boston Iron Company. Built two locomotives, no known cars. Their “Yankee,” built 1834, was the 1st locomotive built in New England.
Millenium Railcar Corp. Wood River, IL 2000-2001  
Milwaukee Car Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, WI ??-1910 Refrig. Cars; See Marsh
Milwaukee Refrig. Transit & Car Co. Milwaukee, WI 1913-1916 To Marsh Refrigerator
Milton Car Works     Murray, Dougal & Co.
Miners Foundry & Machine Works San Francisco, CA 1870s-1880s Built a few light logging locomotives, no known cars.
Minerva Car Co. Minerva, OH 1882-1899/1920 One of the original companies consolidated into American Car & Foundry.
Minnesota Car Co. Duluth, MN 1888-1889/1896 Acquired by Iron Car Company
Missouri Car & Foundry Co. St. Louis, MO 1865-1899 One of the original companies consolidated into American Car & Foundry
Montgomery Iron Works Montgomery, AL 1880s Built one or more Cole pattern logging locomotives, no known cars.
Montreal Locomotive Works Montreal, QC 1961-1965  
Montreal Steel Works Montreal, QC 1898-1911 From Canada Switch & Spring Company
To Canadian Steel Foundries, Ltd.
Montreal Street Railway Montreal, QC c1905-1924  
Moran Shipbuilding Co. Seattle, WA 1910-c1920  
Morris, W., & Bro.
(W. Morris & Bro.)
Hazelton, PA 1887 Morris, W., & Bro. is listed under “Car Builders” in 1887 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Morrison Car Co. Buffalo, NY 1900?  
Morrison International   1960-1964  
Morrison Railway Supply   1958  
Morrison-Knudson Co., Inc. Boise, ID 1981  
Morse, C.D., Car Mfg. Co.
(C.D. Morse Car Mfg. Co.)
Millbury, MA 1893-1894  
Mount Savage Locomotive Works Mt. Savage, MD 1881-1886/88 Shops of Cumberland & Pennsylvania RR built estimated 12 locomotives for other lines as well as 23 for itself. Built no known cars, though if you can build locos, why not cars?
Mt. Vernon Car Mfg. Co. Mt. Vernon, IL 1888-1954

Acquired 1944 by locomotive builder H.K. Porter Co. Apparently continued as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
To Pressed Steel Car Company 1946

Mowry Car Co. Cincinnati, OH c1873/74 Built box cars with heavy planks in the lower sides so that coal or other bulk cargoes could be carried. (White/Freightcars-398)
Mowry Car & Wheel Works Cincinnati, OH 1851-1880 Acquired by Cincinnati Street Railway
Moynihan & Aiken San Francisco, CA 1874-1874+? Built at least one industrial locomotive; no known cars.
Muir, T., & Son
(T. Muir & Son)
London, ON 1872-1886 DBA Ontario Car Company (See also Ontario Car & Foundry)
Murphy & Allison Philadelphia 1851-1866 From Allison Manufacturing Company
To W.C. Allison & Sons
Murray & Hazelhurst Baltimore, MD c1845
Established by James Murray, Master of Machinery for the B&O RR and Henry R. Hazelhurst. Specialized in marine engines, but also produced freight cars, fire engines, and a few locomotives.
Murray Pressed Steel   1918  
Murray, Dougal & Co. Milton, PA 1864-1899/1978+ One of the original companies consolidated into American Car & Foundry.
Muskegon Car & Engine Works Muskegon, MI c1880-1891 Shop sold to C&WM RR.
Muskingum Works     Douglas, Smith & Company
Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference

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