Railway Car Builders of North America

An ever-growing list of all independent builders.


Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference
St. Charles & Pringle Belleville, ON From James S. Charles Omnibus Company
St. Charles Car Co. St. Charles, MO 1873-1899 One of the original companies consolidated into American Car & Foundry.
St. Lawrence Foundry & Car Works William Hamilton & Son
St. Louis Car Co. St. Louis, MO 1887-1968/1973 From Laclede Car Company.
Acquired 1955 (1960?) by General Steel Industries but continued under St. Louis name.
St. Louis Car Works D/B/A of S.B. Lowe & Company
St. Louis Railroad Car Manufactory St. Louis, MO c1852-c1856 Advertised “Railroad Cars of every description, such as - Passenger, Freight, Hand and Dumping Cars.” Advertisement signed Linus Jackson. {9}
St. Louis Refrigerator Car Co. St. Louis, MO
Wood River, IL
1878-2005+ Est. 3 Feb 1878 by Adolphus Busch to facilitate wide-scale distribution of his product. This was Anheuser-Bush's first subsidiary and is claimed to be the first use of refrigerated rail cars (ice). In 1905 Adolphus Busch was its President. In 1919 it was acquired by Manufacturers Railway Company, another A-B subsidiary. It built, maintained and operated refrigerated railway cars. In 1886 there may also have been an Anheuser Busch Refrigerator Car Co. that later became a part of SLRCC.
St. Louis-San Francisco 1926-1980 We believe this reference was to the Frisco RR but will include it until we can be certain there was no car company of this name.
St. Paul  Foundry 1966-1967
Salem Car Co. Salem, MA 1860s
San Diego Electric Railway Co. San Diego, CA 1902-1910
Sand, William S., & Co.
(William S. Sand & Co.)
Pottstown, PA c1870
San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways (See Key System)      
Satilla Mfg. Co. 1902
Schall & King Middletown, PA c1886 “Schall & King” is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials, reflecting their ownership of the Middletown Car Works.
Schall, Michael
(Michael Schall)
York, Dauphin, Glenlock, Middletown, PA 1870s-c1890 The several town names reflect the several companies in which Michael Schall had an interest, including the Empire Car Works at York, the ____ Car Works at Glenlock, and the Middletown Car Works at Middletown.
“M. Schall” is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
S.C.H. & A. Works     Stockton Combine Harvester & Agricultural Works
Schenectady Locomotive Works Schenectady, NY 1848- Organized by the Philadelphia Norris brothers, Edward S. and Septimus. Reorganized 1851 under John Ellis who brought in Walter McQueen. Reorganized again 1861. By 1880 had produced more than 1,200 locomotives and ranked 3rd in terms of locomotives built.
Taken over by American Locomotive Company 1901.
(See J. Leander Bishop, A History of American Manufacturers From 1608 to 1860 (Philadelphia, PA: Edward Young, 1868; Reprint, New York, NY: Augustus M. Kelley, 1966), v. 3, p. 257.)
Schoen Pressed Steel Co. Pittsburgh, PA 1895-1899 To Pressed Steel Car Company
Scott & Bolster Baltimore, MD c1852
Scoville, H.H., & Sons
(H.H. Scoville & Sons)
DBA Chicago Car & Locomotive Works
Chicago, IL 1848-1853 Built freight and passenger cars for the Galena & Chicago Union Railway. Received patent #9121 (6 Oct 1853) for cast iron car wheels.
To Chicago Locomotive Works
Seath & Hager Terre Haute, IN 1868-1872 D/B/A Terre Haute Car Works
Incorporated 1872 as Terre Haute Car & Manufacturing Company
Seattle Car & Foundry Youngstown, WA
Renton, WA
1911-1917 From Seattle Car Manufacturing Company
Merged with Twohy Brothers Company to become Pacific Car & Foundry Company
Seattle Car Mfg. Co. Humphrey (now Youngstown), WA
Renton, WA
1905-1911 From Railway & Steel Supply Company
To Seattle Car & Foundry Company
Selby Locomotive & Machine 1914

Sellers, Coleman, & Sons
Coleman Sellers & Sons)
Philadelphia, PA 1835-1838 Built three locomotives after death of senior partner, then at least one of the sons moved to Ohio. Built no known cars.
To George E. Sellers
Sellers, George E.
(George E. Sellers)
Cincinnati, OH 1851-1852 From Coleman Sellers & Sons
George E. was one of Coleman Seller’s sons. Built three locomotives after moving to Ohio. No known cars.
Sheffield Car & Equipment Co. Sheffield (Kansas City), KS 1912?-1925+? Advertised "BUILDERS / Freight Cars, / Steel Underframes, / Heavy Repairs. / REBUILT EQUIPMENT FOR SALE." Known to be a repairer and rebuilder of freight cars; not known whether they actually built any cars
Sheffield Car & Foundry Baltimore? 1911?-1919?
Sheffield Velocipede Car Co. Three Rivers, MI c1878-1912
Sherman, Haskell & Co. Michigan City, IN 1852-1855 To Haskell, Barker & Aldridge
Shield, Francis
Francis Shield)
Cincinnati, OH 1829/30 Built two large demonstration model locomotives and one full-size; no known cars.
Shippers Carline     A division of ACF Industries spun-off in 1994 as American Railcar Industries
Siems-Stembel 1924-1930 About 1925 was primarily doing rebuilding of cars.
To Standard Steel Car Company
Silliker Car Co. Halifax, NS 1890-1911 To Nova Scotia Car Works, Ltd.
Simard Industries 1957
Simplex Self Cleaning Car 1911-1912
Sioux City Service Co. Sioux City, IA c1901-1918
Sjoberg, J.P., & Co.
(J.P. Sjoberg & Co.)
New York, NY ca. 1890s-1908 Dealers, not builders(?) But 1911 Electric Railway Dictionary shows a “Half Cross-Section of Light Storage Battery Car Body” and attributes it to Sjoberg as “Builders.”
Smith & Jackson New Jersey Locomotive & Machine Company
Smith & Perkins Locomotive Works Alexandria, VA 1830s
Thatcher Perkins joined with T.W. and R.C. Smith to produce about 50 locomotives before he became master mechanic of the B&O Railroad. Built all the cars used on the Manassas Gap and on the Orange & Alexandria railroads.
D/B/A Virginia Locomotive & Car Manufacturing Company during at least part of its lifetime.
Smith & Porter Pittsburgh, PA 1866-1871 Partnership of John Y. Smith and H.K. Porter built 1st of many light-duty "industrial" locomotive 1867. Built 100 by 1871 when Smith quit to establish the National Locomotive Works at Connellsville. Arthur W. Bell replaced Smith and firm became Porter, Bell & Co.
Smith & Wallace 1900s
SNC-Lavelin Trenton, NS   To Bombardier?
Snyder, George W.
George W. Snyder)
Pottsville, PA 1835(1850?)-1880s After about 15 years as partner in a machine shop, Snyder became sole proprietor; built some narrow gauge, mining and industrial  locomotives.
“G.W. Snyder” is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials, though it is unknown what, if any, cars he built.
(See Railroad Gazette, 8 October 1886.)
Soho Foundry Dickey, Neill & Company.
Soule, E.
(E. Soule)
San Francisco, CA 1887 “E. Soule” is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
South Atlantic Car & Mfg. Co. Waycross, GA 1903-1911
South Baltimore Car Works South Baltimore Steel Car & Foundry
South Baltimore Steel Car & Foundry Co. Baltimore, MD 1899-1910/1930? To Baltimore Car & Foundry Company
Souther, John
John Souther)
Boston, MA 1846(1848)-1854 Souther opened a machine shop after working as a designer and pattern maker for Hinkley Loco Works; built sugar mill machinery, steam engines and other general machinery. Built 41 locomotives 1848-1851. Incorporated 1854 as Globe Works Company (but had done business under that name from at least May 1850).
Southern Car & Foundry Co. Gadsden, AL
Lenoir City, TN
Memphis, TN
1899-1904 Merger of Elliott Car Company of Gadsden, AL, Memphis Car Company of Memphis, TN, and Lenoir City Car Company of Lenoir City, TN.
The Southern Railway acquired the entire capital stock of the Lenoir Car Works in 1904, and American Car & Foundry acquired the other properties.
Southern Car & Wagon Manufactory Memphis, TN 1850s  
Southern Car Co. High Point, NC 1904-1917 From Briggs Carriage Company
Southern Car Works Knoxville, TN 1881-1885+ Southern Car Works is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Southern Iron & Equipment Ashland City, TN
Decatur, GA
Southern Iron & Equipment Co. Atlanta, GA 1904-1982 Known to be a locomotive dealer. Unknown whether it built anything, let alone railroad cars.
Southern Iron Car Co. c1902
Southern Pacific, Sacramento Shops Sacramento, CA c1877-1883  
Southern States Coal, Iron & Land Co. S. Pittsburgh, TN 1887 Southern States Coal, Iron & Land Co. is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Southwark Foundry 1925
South Western Car Co.
Southwestern Car Co.
Jeffersonville, IN 1871-1876 Employed convicts “leased” from the state prison. “Suffered irretrievable losses” in the panic of 1873 and convict labor was withdrawn. {10}
Leased to Terre Haute Car Company 1876
South-Western Car Shops Madison, IN D/B/A of W. Clough
Southwestern Railroad Car Manufactory Louisville, KY 1851-1854 D/B/A of Christopher & Stancliffe
Sparling Tank Ltd. Oakville, ON To Procor Ltd..
Sprague Electric Railway & Motor Co. New York, NY 1884-1889 To Edison General Electric Company
Springfield Car & Engine Co. Springfield, MA 1848-1852 To Springfield Locomotive Mfg. Company
Springfield Locomotive Mfg. Co. Springfield, MA 1852-1856  
Standard Car Cons   1916-1918
Standard Car Truck 1913
Standard Steel Car Co. Butler, PA
New Castle, PA
Hammond, IN
Had offices in NYC ca. 1930
1902-1934 Absorbed Baltimore Car & Foundry 1910, Siems-Stembel 1930.
Acquired by Pullman, Inc. 1930.
Listed under "Car Builders" in White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory NYC section.
Standard Tank Car Co. Sharon, PA
ca. 1920 had offices in Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh & St. Louis
1919-1931 Both built and leased out tank cars.
Reporting marks SCEX, STCX (Standard Transit Co.) ca. 1923
Acquired by General American Tank Car in 1927.
Listed under "Car Builders" in White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory NYC section.
Standard Motor Truck Co. New Castle, PA 1906-????
Starr Manufacturing Co. Dartmouth, NS 1880
Star Union Line   1863-?? 1st of the so-called “fast freight” companies that appeared during and shortly after the Civil War to provide through-car service at a time when almost all freight consignments were transferred from the cars of one railroad to those of another at all points of interchange. Not known as a car-builder.
Stearns Mfg. Co. Erie, PA 1894- ?? Builder of Heisler locomotive et al.
Steel Car Co. Boston, MA 1884/5-1893? From Cylindrical Steel Car Company
Steel Tubular Car Co. Bradford, PA 1890-1891 Attempt to reorganize the bankrupt Iron Car Company, without success.
Appears never to have existed except on paper.
Steel, J.D., & Son Mfg. Co.
(J.D. Steel & Son Mfg. Co.)
Pottstown, PA 1887 J.D. Steel & Son Mfg. Co. is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Stem Car Works George H. Stem & Company — later Lehigh Car Mfg. Company — later Lehigh Valley Car Company.
Stem, George H., & Co.
(George H. Stem & Co.)
(Northampton), PA
1867-1871 Incorporated as Lehigh Car Manufacturing Cpmpany
Stephenson, John, Car Co.
(John Stephenson Car Co.)
New York, NY 1831-1867 To John Stephenson Co., Ltd.
Stephenson, John, Co. Ltd.
(John Stephenson Co., Ltd.)
Linden, NJ 1867-1917/1919 From John Stephenson Car Company.
John Stephenson Co., Ltd. is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Acquired 1904 by J.G. Brill Company but kept Stephenson name.
Sterlingworth Railway Supply Co. Easton, PA 1900-1903 Producer of freight car trucks, bolsters, and brake beams. Produced about 100 freight cars, 1900-1903.
Steubner & Woods Long Island City, NY 1887 Steubner & Woods is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Stevens, R.L. Hoboken, NJ 1833 Built locomotive for Camden & Amboy RR. Probably no cars.
Stockton Combine Harvester & Agricultural Works Stockton, CA 1888-c1896 AKA Holt Brothers
Stone & Boomer Chicago, IL 1852-1856 D/B/A Union Car & Bridge Works. Works on S. Clark Street just north of the Rock Island freight depot. Works destroyed by fire September 1855. August 1856 newspaper advertisement offers “Howe's Patent Truss Bridge, and roofs, Turntables, Passenger, Baggage and Freight Cars. Also, Bolt Cutting Machines, Upright Drills &c. Machine work and general jobbing done.”
[May have been purchased by Nathaniel S. Bouton in 1856 and operated by him until 1863.] {11}
To Illinois Central RR.
Streator Car Co. Streator, IL? 1924-1925 About 1925, at least, was a rebuilder.
Street Stable Car Co. Chicago, IL c1890  
Street's Western Stable Car Line Chicago, IL 1885-c1924 Was a commercial car builder for only a small portion of this time.
Strick 1957-1961
Struthers, Wells & Co. Warren, PA 1888  
Struthers Wells Corp. Warren, PA 1880-1910, 1956 Built locomotive(s) 1888. Built riveted and welded tank cars 1880-1910, aluminum tank cars for UTLX 1956.
Structural Steel Car Co. Canton, OH 1902-1940?
Summers Steel Car Co. Pittsburgh, PA 1909-1915 Cars built by Standard Steel Car Company
Superior Fireproof Steel Car Co. Chicago, IL c1892 Probably never so much as built a single car.
Sutherland & McLean Montreal, QC 1856-1857 From Wright & Sutherland
Swift & Co. 1900-1905
Swissvale Car Co. Swissvale (Pittsburgh), PA 1873-c1885 Built refrigerated cars to the designs of Arnold W. Zimmerman (patent 199,343; 15 Jan 1878).
To Union Switch & Signal Company 1886.
Swissvale Car Co. is listed under “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference

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