Transfer Caboose, Rebuilt by GTW, 1975

transfer caboose
GTW #75050 wears its WSOR #X103 paint and lettering in this May 2019 photo taken after the caboose was returned to Mid-Continent. MCRM photo.

This steel transfer caboose was converted from a boxcar by the GTW’s Port Huron, Michigan shops in 1975. It eventually was obtained by the Association of American Railroads and used at their Chicago test facility. In 1996, it was donated to Mid-Continent along with Alco S-1 diesel locomotive #7 and moved to North Freedom.

In 2002 the museum leased the caboose to the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad (WSOR). It was repainted by WSOR to a yellow scheme and lettered as WSOR #X103 and was used at their Madison, Wisconsin terminal for work train service. In 2019 the caboose was returned to Mid-Continent.

Red caboose with boxcar-like center and large platforms on both ends. It has a styled logo GT logo. MCRM reporting marks are spraypainted on next to its number, 75050.
GTW #75050 on the Mid-Continent’s C&NW interchange track. Jeff Bloohm photo.
GTW #75050 in Detroit, Michigan. Photo dated March 9, 1975. William Buhrmaster Collection.