Car Shop Update – July 16, 2019

Forklift – Richard P. reinstalled a ram after getting a new seal installed so the hydraulic system seems leak free now. He is continuing to work to get the fork lift in good operating condition.

DSS&A box car #18052 – The previous post has a picture of Owen’s progress with lettering. Dave M. scrubbed the trucks and they are now ready to be painted. He also painted the south end of the car. The wood fascia and notice board need another coat of paint yet. New volunteer Phil F. cleaned up the roof edge and fascia on the west side and sealed the large cracks with the epoxy sealer. The cracks still need to be filled but painting can get started on the west side.

Soo Line #203 – Fred replaced 2 pieces of siding where there had been a plywood patch. The letter board above those 2 pieces is deteriorated and Fred put a patch over that area.

EJ&S #2 – Bill F. almost got the necessary battens made, but a repair to the drive belt for the table saw cost probably 3 hours of work time. Phil F. shimmed and fastened down the west side baggage door threshold. He also started to take apart the step from the northeast corner. Those steps need new wood and the bent metal side needs to be straightened. I continued to work on the west side window lintels and the exterior window stops.

Over all we got a fair amount of work done. These projects will continue this weekend, July 20-21.

Peter B.
Restoration Department

Car Shop Update – July 13, 2019

Jack, Jerry and Owen were working in the Car Shop on Wednesday. Owen was lettering on the DSS&A box car while Jack and Jerry were working on the Shay pilot. Both projects are progressing nicely thanks to these volunteers!!

Check out the progress on these projects and other projects in the Car Shop during this weekends work session. Better yet….join Pete B. and the crew to lend a hand!!

Bill Buhrmaster
Restoration Department

Goodman Lumber Co. #9 shay pilot under construction.

EJ&S #2 Restoration Update – July 4, 2019

During the last work session on June 29 and 30 siding panels above the window sill were primed and installed. Bill F. made and primed the exterior window stops and some of the window lintels were repaired. Next session work on the lintels will be completed and the window stops installed.

Peter B.
Restoration Department

Car Shop Update – July 3, 2019

Weekend Update June 29th- July 1st

This past weekend we had a great turnout allowing us to work on several projects including assisting the dining services department by making repairs to the roof of the Soo Line #2017. A big thanks goes out to all of the volunteers who helped to make this work session a success.

Following is a summary of the work session activities and progress:

Soo Line #2017 Roof repairs- Volunteers: Gary B., Richard P., Pete B., Richard C., BG Miller and Bill B.

  • Repaired four areas of the canvas roof where the canvas was split or missing. Replaced 7 feet of upper drip rail (nailer) on the west side.
  • Applied rubber (EPDM) material (glued and nailed) with a total area of approximately 100 sq. feet.

Roof repairs made to the north end of the Soo Line #2017. Bill Buhrmaster photo.

DSS&A box car #18052– Volunteers: Owen H., Bill F., Mike M., David P., Richard D., Harry, Bill B.

  • East Side: Wood siding replacement completed on the east side (two pieces on the side and three pieces in the door). Reassembled the door frame and the south door stop. Replacement wood pieces on the east side were given the first coat of box car red paint and the entire side and door given a final coat of paint.
  • West Side and Ends: The west side wood repairs completed (six locations). Epoxy putty applied to cracks, splits and joints. All repaired areas sanded, primed and ready for the first coat of box car red. South end wire brushed and first coat of box car red applied. North end painted (final coat). The south end sign board has been installed.
  • Upcoming work:
    • the east side and north end are ready for lettering
    • the south end is ready for the second (final) coat of paint
    • the west side is ready for the first coat of box car red paint.

Shay Pilot. Volunteers: Jack R., Jerry F., Dave M.,

  • Drilled and fit the pilot pieces
  • Laid out the mounting holes for the pilot
  • Cut and shaped 6 of the 8 spokes
  • Applied two coats of liquid epoxy to all wood parts and pieces

Soo Line #203. Volunteers: Harry, Ross S.

  • Applied the first coat of primer to the east side of the caboose
  • Sanded and prepared the west side for paint.


Soo Line #99085. Volunteer: Harry,

  • Made epoxy repairs to the east side of the car


East Jordan & Southern #2: Volunteers: Pete, Bill F.

  • Worked on the west side of the car installing the window sills, window lentils and the panels between the windows.
  • Made new window stops for the west side of the car. Primed all pieces.

Pete making more progress on the EJ&S #2. Bill Buhrmaster photo.

CRRR #25, WC #63 and C&NW drovers caboose #10802. Volunteers: Harry, Richard P., Dave M., Bill B., David.

  • Ran water hoses from the engine house to the Car Shop.
  • Used the gas driven power washer to clean the flood residue off of the trucks, brake gear and steps of each car.
  • Repainted all of the truss rods and journal box lids.

Harry power washing the cars. Bill Buhrmaster photo.

DSS&A DULUTH. Volunteer: Bill B., Bill F., Richard C.

  • Laid out the display panel for the DULUTH that will be set up in the depot.
  • Cut and fit the mounting board that will be used for the berth lamp.

Laying out the DULUTH display to be installed in the depot. Bill Buhrmaster photo.

In preparation of the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society Convention (September 13th) volunteers are needed for the upcoming planned work sessions on July 12-14 and July 27-28. Mark your calendar and plan on giving us a hand.

Bill Buhrmaster
Restoration Department

EJ&S #2 Restoration Update – June 17, 2019

In the May work session we decided to remove the west side letter board, siding above the window sill and the window sill. Work was then started on fabricating new window sill material.

During the June 14 and 15th work session work on the window sill was completed. This included fastening an inner trim piece to the sill and then attaching the sill to the belt rail. The next steps include installing new siding above the window sill and re-installing the top fascia and letter board.

Peter B.
Restoration Department