Mid-Continent Railway Museum’s full equipment roster has over 100 items in all, including 9 steam locomotives, 8 internal combustion locomotives, 34 passenger cars, 30 freight cars, 18 cabooses, and 10 pieces of service equipment. Much of the roster is considered part of the museum’s “collection,” fitting the “Golden Age” era criteria and the museum’s Mission Statement. The balance of the roster fulfills other needs such as storage, maintenance use, or daily revenue service. The museum’s collection is unique for its narrow focus both by era and the geographical area it represents.

Some items are privately owned by museum members. Many are accessible to the general public, specifically those on display in the Coach Sheds, but many are awaiting restoration and proper display.

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Passenger Cars

Freight Cars

Non-Revenue Equipment

Former Collection Items

These items are no longer at Mid-Continent Railway Museum. Information on these items is provided for historical reference. This is not a comprehensive list.

Railroad / NumberEquipment Type
Akron Canton & Youngstown #3061Boxcar
Akron Canton & Youngstown #3081Boxcar
Canadian National #5375Coach
Central Illinois Public Service #6Steam Locomotive
Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific #30Dodge Inspection Car
Louisiana Cypress #2Steam Locomotive
Minnesota Transfer #X12Caboose
Missouri Pacific #X-105Wrecker Crane
Missouri Pacific #X-1064Idler Flat Car
Mt. Harvard (Pullman Co.)Sleeper-Observation
Northern Pacific #1781Caboose
Soo Line #1257Sleeper Car
Soo Line #99115Caboose
Soo Line #X-81Locomotive Crane
Soo Line #X54385Idler Flat Car
Union Pacific #440Steam Locomotive
Vulcan Materials Co. #711Side Dump Car
Woodward Iron #41Steam Locomotive