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Additional Videos

C&NW #1385 IN IOWA: Our R-1 toured the C&NW in Iowa during the summer of 1983. Videos by Paul Swanson.

1385 arrives at the captial city of Des Moines on ex-Rock Island trackage. The bridge here crosses the Des Moines River. #1385 then stopped in front of the old Rock Island depot downtown for servicing and a viewing by the public.

Pacing #1385 on the double track C&NW main between Boone and Ames, Iowa at speed. The road is old U.S. 30, the Lincoln Highway.

1385 passes over a small stream near Kamrar, Iowa, southbound, deep in the farmland country of Iowa. A few bystanders have stopped to eye the R-1 over.

1385 arrives at Webster City, Iowa.

Traversing the hill-and-dale through prime farmland, #1385 whistles southbound. Webster City is in the background.

Arriving at Jewell, Iowa, #1385 makes a brief stop to the delight of locals.

Back on the doubletrack mainline, #1385 hustles along, crossing the Rock Island “spine line” just east of Nevada, Iowa. A westbound C&NW freight passes by.

1385 scurries along somewhere in Iowa.

More cornfields, and the faint echo of #1385’s exhaust can be heard through the hazy air of an Iowan summer.

1385 blasts by at 30mph.