Audio Archive

A collection of steam locomotive audio recordings made at Mid-Continent Railway Museum. Click on the individual audio players below to listen.

Polson Lumber #2 at Mid-Continent
Snow Train, 2000

(recordings by Paul Swanson)
Climbing South Bessemer Hill with the six-car dinner train, Friday evening, February 18, 2000.
Climbing South Bessemer Hill Sunday morning, February 20, 2000. Starting out of Quartzite Lake for the last return trip to North Freedom, Sunday, February 20, 2000.
At Devils Chair, returning on last trip to North Freedom, February 20, 2000. Running around train at North Freedom, from north end of depot platform, February 20, 2000.

Snow Train, 1998
(recordings by Paul Swanson)
C&NW #1385 passing through LaRue. Saginaw Timber #2 passing by Devils Chair.

Western Coal & Coke #1 at Mid-Continent
Summer, 1993

(recordings by Paul Swanson)
Eastbound at Devils Chair.Departing LaRue.
Eastbound, recorded at Summit. Entire westbound trip, North Freedom to Quartzite Lake, recorded from tender deck.
Eastbound, Wood Curve to Summit, recorded from tender deck. Departing North Freedom, westbound.

Snow Train, 1994
(recording by Paul Swanson)
ST #2 and WC&C #1 doublehead, departing North Freedom, westbound.