Seeking C&NW 1385 Photos, Videos, Artifacts and More

Your C&NW No. 1385 Related Items will Help Tell the Locomotive’s Story through Publications, Web Pages, and New Museum Exhibits

CNW 1385 locomotive and logo


You can help restore Chicago & North Western No. 1385 to service. How? By sharing any images you control the rights to, moving or still, in nearly any format. Mid-Continent Railway Museum’s 1385 rebuild Task Force is looking for your help in creating displays for public viewing showing the history and life of Mid-Continent’s most famous locomotive.

We are interested in all types of visuals, posters, postcards, photos, video, movies (yes film), paperwork, blueprints, C&NW materials – any and all items that could be connected to the working life of the 1385. We want to tell the story of the life and use of this engine both on the C&NW and at Mid-Continent Railway Museum. Your images will help tell that story.

Graphic Designer and MCRM member Randy Long has offered to scan and then return these items. He can turn just about anything; prints, slides, negatives (color and B&W) and printed materials, into a digital image and can photograph other artifacts that you may have.

Randy can be reached at:

Randy Long
Long & Associates Creative Services
212 East Main Street
Durand, IL 61024

Phone: 815-978-6673
Please Note: phone number is for Long & Associates Creative Services. For general museum inquiries, please use the phone numbers provided at left.

The Task Force would like to thank you in advance for your help and support in bring Mid-Continent Railway Museum’s and one of the Midwest’s most famous locomotive back to life. With your help you’ll soon be able to once more hear that Whistle On the Wind.

For a brief history of C&NW No. 1385, visit the Equipment Roster page.

For restoration updates, visit the Steam Status page.

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